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Essential Oils

When we think of Aromatherapy or essential oils, I think Lavender is the first essential oil that comes to most minds.  We can use essential oils in many ways such as absorption through massage or a bath and inhalation.

When we inhale essential oils, almost immediately we have an interaction with our olfactory receptors (short dive into biology) which then affect the olfactory bulb within the brain and connects to our limbic system structures of the amygdala, hypothalamus and cingulate gyrus. (This is our emotion centre of the brain) This plays an important role in our emotional and physical responses. 

When we inhale an essential oil, we feel a positive or not so positive feeling.  We either like it or turn our nose up at it. But the most important factor here is that we 'feel' something when we smell.  The essential oil has a effect on how we feel.  And we all want to feel good don't we?

What is your favourite essential oil?