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Working With One Tree Planted

As my business continues to grow, I feel it is my responsibility to 'Give Back' especially as our products are 100% plant based.  

One Aromatherapy Co. is delighted to be a business partner of One Tree Planted not only to help plant trees, but to help the wildlife, environment, work towards a sustainable future and make a difference.  

5 December 2021 : One Aromatherapy Co. Has planted 50 Trees with One Tree Planted.  There will be an update each month featuring a running total.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation. They plant trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

A .25p of each sale will go to One Tree Planted.  Every project is important, but I have chosen to support one very special project. The Mangroves in Eucador.

$1.00 Plants a Tree. That's about .75p. 

Mangroves play a vital part in our tropical and subtropical ecosystems. Found where the ocean meets land, they protect our coastlines, keep our beaches beautiful, restore biodiversity in marine ecosystems, and store 5 to 10 times more carbon than land ecosystems. However, like many other tree species, mangroves are at risk. Some estimate that approximately 1% of our mangroves are lost yearly, posing a major threat to coastline communities. With your donation, we can restore our mangrove forests to protect vulnerable communities from rising sea levels and storm surges while also preventing soil erosion.

Like many mangrove areas, coastal forests provide vital protection for millions of people from climate change impacts, cyclones, tidal surges, and coastal erosion. Planting mangroves will help protect the natural embankments of river mouths, thus restoring the aquatic environment, and ultimately restoring ecological balance. Our mangrove restoration projects typically occur throughout Asia and Latin America where these trees are native and can thrive, including in Costa Rica, The Philippines, India, Haiti, and Guatemala. Your donation will provide social benefits in these regions, such as activities like fishing, and even new income-generating options.

The type of Mangrove Tree Species One Tree Planted mainly focused on planting is Avicennia alba. This is a mangrove species that can withstand about 5 hours of submergence in salty water. Along with the upper and soil-stabilized sites, they will be planting Sonneratia apetala with a variety of other species. Both of these species have lateral roots that aid in the resistance of water impact to lower tidal currents.

Here is their website should you like to get involved directly

Here is a YouTube link to see what One Tree Planted do and how they do it!  

The Mangrove Restoration 

Thank you for reading this and for your donation.